April 2017 Medical Mission

On April 4, 2017, our teams lead a medical mission at the Clemencia Moneda Lumbao Hospital that provided doctors, nurses, and health educators to reach and empower the local population of Pilar, Sorsogon.


Specifically, this was a targeted measure building off of formed medical missions to the site, for malnourished children and their mothers.

Currently enrolled are 30 mothers and their 36 malnourished children. Of which, 100% are considered indigenous people.

The program began with prayer and a lesson on Values Formation from Pastor Raguini.

Then, our feeding program began. Providing the mothers and children with a well-balanced meal to address their nutritional concerns, and to serve as a model for the nutritional lesson on proper food preparation of “Go, Grow, and Glow!” food groups which stand for “Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Vitamins/Minerals!” in that order and in materials written in their local language of Bicolano. The lesson was lead by our 2017-2018 Global Health Fellow, Maricres Castro, and Executive Director, Fr. Villa.

After the teaching and the meal, the malnourished children received follow-up check-ups provided by our triage team and lead staff, Nurse Joel and Dr. Expedita L. Castro.



Through the generous donations of sponsors we were able to provide basic medication to address couching and pain, and refer them, with proper follow up, to the rural health clinic, Pilar Municipal Health Clinic.


Our teams continue to be on the ground providing a daily feeding program of a well-balanced meal, coupled with our monthly medical missions to track their health and status, we are ensuring a sustainable and steady recovery for these malnourished children and to help empower their mothers with knowledge and financial stability through business entrepreneurship training they receive through our foundation.


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